Renewable Energy

United Electric is uniquely Positioned to be Your Single Source Renewable Energy Supplier
Since 1965, United Electric has been challenging the electrical distribution establishment by asking the questions that get to the heart of your business. As a full-line electrical products distributor, we are committed to providing customers with a complete range of products and innovative services that will increase their profitability and their competitive advantage.

Harness Your Future
The state of the solar energy industry is constantly changing. Every day new technologies and legislative policies are altering the shape of the business. In response, United Electric offers a unique selection of Solar Energy products and services and we are fully committed to being your product, service and educational resource. Whether you’re powering a customer’s residence, business, school or commercial building, a solar energy system can be designed to fit your project’s needs.

United Electric Solar Services
United Electric’s Solar Product group is led by a solar industry veteran with over 28 years of PV experience that includes 14 years installing systems. This experience will help ensure your success and lower your project risks.

  • Solar System Design
  • Roof Layouts
  • Single Line Drawings
  • ROI Calculations
  • System Summary Reports
  • Solar Production Calculation
  • Permit Packages
  • Technical, Engineering & Installation Support
  • Interconnection Application Support
  • Training and Professional Development

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