Learn to Lead

All MANAGEMENT & SALES TRAINEEs at UNITED embark on a challenging 2 – 3 year journey that will include personal & professional growth – as the employee gains the skills and experience critical to LEADING his/her own piece of UNITED’s business.

Trainees are NOT simply left to “figure it out on their own”.  Trial and error will be a part of each trainee’s growth for sure, but, UNITED will support that growth so that the right lessons are learned and understanding of the “big ideas” is achieved.

Tools for Trainees

  • OAD personality profile – shared and “read” to each trainee as a means of improving self-awareness and understanding how to “leverage the dominate traits” in others
  • Sales Trainee Binder – Training Curriculum record of expected learning outcomes in each area of the training process
  • Suggested Reading List – Specific Sales and Leadership books that are then “debriefed” with Management and applied to the next Sales Role
  • Counter “Quick-Book” – learning aids developed by past trainees and improved upon by new trainees to shrink the “time to profitability” of sales people during the counter phase
  • EPEC self-paced Industry-specific application and product training.
  • Online Sales training “quick-takes” that correlate with United’s 6 Step Sales Process model
  • Certified Sales Professional (CSP) intensive training seminar for Account Managers that have been “on the road” for a couple of years

A Day in the Life of a Management & Sales Trainee