Supplier Inventory Management System


United Electric Supply calls its unique vendor managed inventory program SIMS – Supplier Inventory Management System. SIMS is a complete program designed to reduce or eliminate your electrical MRO inventory and your total acquisition and possession costs.

SIMS works to automate inventory procedures for MRO materials that represent only 20% of your purchase dollars, yet demand 80% of your time. Our attention to your purchasing details will save time and cut the most costly requirements of acquisition and possession.

SIMS Reduces Acquisition & Possession Costs

Total acquisition and possession costs include not only the purchase price of electrical material but several other costs directly related to purchasing and storing material. Features of the SIMS program are custom designed to work with your purchasing and accounting methods to achieve total cost reduction.

SIMS works through inventory item analysis, inventory reduction, bar coding and automated stock replenishment.

Inventory item analysis of your current storeroom stock is conducted to achieve the maximum benefit of a SIMS program . United Electric forms a task force that will physically take your storeroom inventory, identify your items, establish order points and reorder quantities and bar code your inventory. The analysis will eliminate item duplication and obsolescence and identify critical stock items. United will maintain and cross reference your customer item numbers to United Electric stock numbers when required.

Inventory reduction is possible after close analysis of each storeroom item. United Electric recommends customers maintain a one month supply of MRO items to achieve the maximum benefit of a SIMS program. Our analysis include individual item recommended order points and reorder quantities. Many customers elect to have less stock except for critical spare parts. The quantity of stock in a customer’s storeroom is solely at the customer’s discretion.

Bar-coding for your storeroom items includes customer part number, customer location, United Electric code number, product description, order points and reorder quantities.