EcoFasten Solar roof mounts utilize a patented watertight technology, so you can be confident that your roof mount system will remain impermeable even under extreme conditions. The EcoFasten difference is the countersink milled on the underside of our brackets. This creates a patented watertight seal when paired with EcoFasten roof mount systems.

United Electric stocks EcoFasten flashing. Please contact us today for assistance in selecting the best product for your application.





This is the most popular shingle flashing








This is the most popular attachment foot used with EcoFasten and the product United Electric stocks

  • SCL-101-3




This is the most popular lag and the product United Electric stocks. These screw in quick and draw the attachment tight to the roof.

  • GRK-PHERSS-5/16×4
  • GRK Fastener Phoenix RSS Stainless Steel 5/16″ by 4″ long





This is an alternative flashing also in stock at United Electric, QFL

The QuikFoot System includes a base plate installed with two self-drilling fasteners, providing an optimum pullout value and fast installation. When paired with an EcoFasten Solar compression bracket, the QuikFoot Flashing creates a watertight seal that will maintain the integrity of the roof.





The following is a nice detail explaining the sealing method used with this flashing.










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