eGauge System Monitoring


To add a new level to system monitoring the eGauge data logger offers the flexibility of monitoring up to 12 different CT’s. This allows you to now only monitor the solar system product but the home or businesses power consumption.  Real time data is displayed and plotted to give you an easy to read and understand monitoring platform.

Please contact United Electric with your system specifications and the size of the load breakers you want to monitoring and we can generate a bill of materials specific to you needs.



  • Easy to read graphs of solar production and load consumption







  • Monitor up to 12 CT inputs
  • Revenue grade CT’s can be used for a revenue grade measurement






  • Monitoring data can be viewed with any computer on the internet
  • All data is stored on the eGauge so there are no monthly fees to pay to see you data






  • EG3010, this united is design to use power line communications, a power line communications adapter is located close the the internet router and talked to the eGauge







  • EG3000, this unit is design to make an Ethernet connection plugged directly into it and doesn’t include he ability to communicate via a power line communications adapter




Please contact us for pricing and system design support:
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