Solar Wire Management

Solar Wire Management

Wire management is critical to the long term success of any installation. The following is a small selection of the wire management options available from United Electric.


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  • Liquid Tight Cordgrips
  • For 1000V PV Wire or USE-2, 7.7mm in diameter
  • 3 hole, 3/4″, Heyco Part: M3234GBS-SM, Crouse-Hinds Part: NCGS237
  • 5 hole, 1″, Heyco Part: M8437GBT-SM, Crouse-Hinds Part: NCGS357
  • 9 hole,1-1/4″, Heyco Part: M4524GBW-SM, Crouse-Hinds Part: NCGS497
  • 11 hole, 1-1/2″, Heyco Part: M3317GBZ-SM
  • 19 hole, 2″, Heyco Part: M3321GBX-SM, Crouse-Hinds Part: NCGS6197
  • Cordgrip Specification Sheet





  • Crimp Lock PVC Coated Stainless Steel Wire Cable Ties
  • Extremely durable, vinyl jacketed Stainless Steel Cable Tie.
  • Smooth vinyl jacketing prevents damage to installation cable insulation.
  • Stainless steel crimp sleeve for easy field installation with electrician linesman pliers, or wire cutters.
  • Certified by UL Specification 62275 for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • UV protected vinyl jacket is excellent for solar installation where product durability is required.
  • Use standard wire cutters to both crimp the sleeve and cut the excess wire.
  • SunBundler 8,  S6408, 8″ long
  • SunBundler 10, S6410, 10″ long
  • SunBundler 12,  S6412, 12″ long
  • SunBundler 14,  S6414, 14″ long
  • SunBundler 20,  S6420, 20″ long
  • SunBundler Specification Sheet

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